It is said that "IMAGE IS EVERYTHING!" Our dedicated design team takes a creative approach to present a client's unique message. We concentrate on the objective and design to the desired solution. What you see in our renderings is what you will see on the show floor.

Design & Build

Why do you attend a trade show? It's all about marketing your products and services to an audience that may or may not know you.

From the original idea, through the design and building of the exhibit the time comes to execute. Exhibits 2.0 ensures all will be delivered to your complete satisfaction. With the effort from our team and full collaborative participation with your team, together your vision and exposure is unleashed in the most professional environment.


Account & Project Management

Ideas and concepts are critical. Equally important is making everything come to life on time and on budget. Exhibits 2.0 has created a proprietary project management model, born from years of experience in technology consulting, to ensure total and complete adherence and client satisfaction. 

Experiential & Gaming

Attendee engagement allows you, the exhibitor,
to educate your potential customers. By making it a fun aspect of the exhibit you keep active attendees engaged in a memorable experience as well as in your booth longer. Let Exhibits 2.0 create that memorable experience to attract and engage your customers.

Social Media

Event and project logistics are critical to the success of a live or virtual show. Not only making certain the exhibit and its components arrive accordingly, it's also important your products, materials, and people arrive on time as well. And if something goes wrong, we are here to make it right. For Digital shows, we make certain the technical environment will not fail and the experience for all involved is successful. Exhibits 2.0 has decades of experience to make certain you check all the boxes to ensure everything goes as planned. 

Event Logistics

The ability to promote your happenings virally expands your brand experience. Show the world was is happening at the event in real time. Exhibits 2.0 can help you create and deploy or launch your Social Media strategy.