Slack is a proprietary business communication platform developed by an American software company. Slack offers many IRC-style features, including persistent chat rooms organized by topic, private groups and direct messaging. 

Slack, now owned by Salesforce the premier CRM and enterprise level technology, provides powerful integrated services and technologies to compliment the Salesforce portfolio.

Exhibits 2.0 uses Slack as the predominant collaboration platform externally and exclusively internally. We have a number of clients on the platform which creates a seamless solution for project management, quality and delivery assurance. 

Teams is the proprietary business communication platforn developed by Microsoft and used by thousands of companies globally.  It provides workspace chat and video-conferencing file storage and application integration to improve corporate processes.

Exhibits 2.0 uses Teams with its predominantly Microsoft driven clients who wish to maintain the Microsoft eco-system and offers flexibility to work with Microsoft  as the predominant client collaboration platform. We have a number of clients on the platform which creates a seamless solution for project management.

Exhibits 2.0 uses leading edge technolgies to provide the "second" or next  generation of client development and project management. As the global business market continues expanding the use of digital technologies, we believe our experiences and custom processes we've created separate us from our competition. Slack and Microsoft Teams are Tier 1 Collaboration platforms used to streamline client and project communication.

Understanding change is constant, we remain open to conducting business in ways where our clients receive the maximum efficiencies, reduction of un-necessary costs and in a manner consistent with their unqiue culture.